I'm a wandering soul that was raised in Virginia, lived in South Carolina, & landed in between in North Carolina. Lynchburg, Charlotte, & Charleston are the cities I serve most, but I'm blessed to be able to serve clients all over the east coast & worldwide! I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Chance! He & I tag-team each wedding we take on & I wouldn't have it any other way! Together, with our pup Winston the Schnoodle, we take on life each day by encouraging each other to live our biggest dreams.


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being an extrovert, enneagram 7, bringing the fun, genuine joy, Charleston, "y'all," champagne on rooftops, laughing until I cry (at my own jokes), great hugs, justin bieber (the fever forever!!!), big dreams, fast friendships, travel, our pup winston, tacos and margs, my love of christmas, & peanut butter colored iced coffee.

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I will never forget the moment my mom showed me a photo of herself, my uncle, and my grandmother. It was a film photograph of them in their kitchen. There was nothing extraordinary about it… except that it was indeed, extraordinary. It was three people that I loved so dearly. It wasn’t an iPhone photo. It wasn’t in an album online. It didn't have the new, trendiest edit. It was a photograph captured on film that I could hold in my hand. A photo that captured their laughter and love of one another. It captured the essence of who they were. So now, I pick up my camera not only for you, but for the generations to come. I solidify your memories so that you can be present. I capture your legacies, so that you may cherish these fleeting moments and your grandkids will, too.  Because you are, indeed, extraordinary.

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I can't wait to chat with you! Because I wholeheartedly believe that your day should be perfect in every single way, I don't accept every inquiry that comes into my inbox. I truly want us to be the PERFECT fit for each other, because you deserve nothing less.