I’d say that witnessing one birth in your entire life is something so beautiful, special, and treasured, and I’ve been able to watch not only one, but BOTH of my beautiful sisters give birth to their baby boys almost within the same week of each other! My heart could literally burst at the seams!

If you read my post about Morgan’s birth, you know it was no easy feat… quite excruciating, in fact. Erica’s couldn’t be more opposite! We joked the whole time and said, “Morgan is going to hate you!” for how stinking easy (well, as easy as labor can be) Erica’s was compared to hers. 12 hours of labor and 10 minutes of pushing, and this beautiful baby boy was born!

Erica was actually diagnosed with cholestasis, an extremely rare liver disorder that makes you itch uncontrollably because you’re allergic to the hormones secreted during the last trimester (and if you know Erica, it’s fittingĀ that she got this since she is literally allergic to everything… so why not add pregnancy to the mix?!). She was induced 2 weeks early so that there would be no harm to baby Jensen. Good thing, because he is absolutely perfect…all 7 lbs. of him!

My favorite moment of the entire birth was watching Erica tearfully scoop Jensen into her arms and softly say, “I love you so much.” In that instant, she became a mother, offering up an unconditional love she had never known before. It was the most beautiful thing to witness.

Congratulations, Erica and Phil! You guys are officially parents to the cutest baby boy (tied with Mason) in the whole world! I can’t wait to see you two love him and raise him to be an incredible man.

Grandma’s first look…ALL the tears!!!

Auntie Morg gets to love on baby J for the first time!


Jensen Paul: My Second Beautiful Nephew





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