Living in Lynchburg, Virginia, I feel like I definitely take the mountains for granted. They are literally everywhere you turn. I’m always on the go and never really stop to appreciate how absolutely stunning they are. Lauren and Jed’s mountainside engagement session helped me stop and take a breather, be without my phone, and soak in some of the most beautiful scenery Virginia has to offer.

Lauren and Jed met at the gym… and if you know them both, this is SO fitting 😉 Lauren’s brother, Joey, totally pulled a, “I’m gonna talk to him and see if he thinks you’re cute,” kind of thing, and the rest is history! Jed took Lauren to Primland, an INCREDIBLE luxury resort nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, to ask her to marry him. I was totally watching her Snapchat story the whole time envying the incredible views. I kept tapping along, thinking, “woah this is so gorgeous,” even asking her where they were, and then this STUNNER of a ring popped up! It. Is. So. Gorgeous. (Just wait).

So, a proposal in the mountains… seems only fitting for engagements photos to be mountainside, right? 🙂 The views at both Glass Hill Venue and Sierra Vista are literally breathtaking. They are both places where you feel like you can just be, without anything or anyone around you, and it would be fine. (Free funny story: I have no service from Glass Hill to Sierra Vista, so I took a screenshot of directions on my phone and it quite literally took us over the river and through the woods on gravel backroads the whole time there! I actually thought I was going to slide down the mountain at one point. Thank the Lord for all-wheel drive and Jed’s truck).

Lauren and Jed, you guys are such beautiful people! I love that you’re having a smaller wedding, because you’re embracing the true meaning of what it means to get married: spending the rest of your life with the one you cherish most while celebrating with the ones you love most. I’m so thankful that I was able to capture your engagement, such a short blimp of time in what will soon be your married life! Here’s to you guys!




Lauren & Jed: Blue Ridge Mountains Engagement Session





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