On Friday afternoon, as I was flying over the mountains in the southwest U.S., I looked out of my window in complete amazement that I was even still in America. Coming from lush, green, and humid Charleston, South Carolina to dry, sandy desert in Phoenix, Arizona is quite the climate shift… but it seriously had to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.

Let me preface this by saying that I have quite the outgoing personality and am really the biggest extravert ever, so when I met Jill and she was basically me (just brunette and living across the country, no big deal), I knew we were going to hit it off!  I first met Jill in a Facebook group for an online course we had both taken for our photography businesses (#AJtribe is the best tribe!!). We ended up following each other on Instagram and absolutely hitting it off over our mutual love of margaritas and traveling (…FINE and our dogs)! So naturally, without ever meeting in person, we plan a cross-country trip for me to fly to Phoenix to hang out with her and her hubs (and Barkley and Bruce!!) for the weekend.

In between wedding days, late night flash tutorials, Top Golf, early morning trips to the camera store, Starbucks runs, In-and-Out, Mexican food and margaritas, we found time to make all of my desert dreams come true with their incredible session at the foot of the Superstition Mountains!

Jill and Will, thanks for being THE BEST hosts ever! Thanks for introducing me to the best Mexican food ever and my first ever In-and-Out trip! You guys feel like family and I’m so thankful for technology that brings me incredible friendships like yours! Already planning my next trip to Phoenix, but I’m totally bringing Chance next time 😉

Jill & Will: Dreamy Desert Couples Session in Phoenix, Arizona


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