These little ones. I am so grateful.

I’ve watched these babies grow up to be the most incredible kiddos. And in a way, they’ve grown with me, too. They have always supported me since I started this business of mine back in high school. We’ve shared family moments, headshots, and big milestones together.  I don’t do family sessions often, but these guys are ones I will always make time for.

Emily is poised, polite, and absolutely brilliant. She is an amazing actress, dancer, and student. She has so much talent wrapped into one little middle schooler! She is protective of her baby brothers and loves them so well. Ethan is a little firecracker and has the BEST personality. He is kind to his siblings and is quite the actor himself! He loves to laugh and always knows how to work the camera 😉 Eli is the baby and I’ve loved watching his personality start to shine through! He likes to run, LOVES to win, and laughs a lot. He is a fun little guy, that’s for sure!

Here are a few highlights from our time together at Sorella Farms! Already looking forward to next year 🙂

Sorella Farms Family Session || The Emanuels





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