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Charleston Branding Session || Caila Schwartz

I’m so excited to be sharing this unique and fun Charleston branding session with you today! I met Calia through some of my favorite ladies over at Muse Lake Marketing. Calli and Molly do a lot of social media management for clients all over and they introduced me to Calia, who needed branding portraits. Calia is SO sweet and is a brilliant retail strategist with SalesForce. It was important to capture who she is and in her natural environment, so we had a lot of fun planning out her session in Charleston. 

Charleston Branding Session

A big part of her branding portraits were capturing Calia in the retail environment. Thankfully the ladies at Amanda Lindroth were so kind to let us use their store during our session together. I loved watching Calia show off her skills and personality as she shopped. And it was definitely super fun to photograph! We also made sure to stop into Hotel Bennett, too. It was the perfect match for her brand – and a great spot to capture photos of her working. Branding portraits should definitely reflect who you are at work – and outside of it, too! 

Despite all the gorgeous photos, I’ll let you in on a secret: the weather didn’t really cooperate during our session!! We had a lot of rain, but we made it work! Honestly, looking at how calm and collected Calia is in all of her photos, you’d never even know! We doubled down and made our extra time inside work – and it turned out perfectly! When the storm finally passed, we were able to get back outside on the beautiful streets of downtown Charleston. Calia was a trooper in the heat and left over humidity but it was still a great session.  I just love her branding photos and I hope you will too!