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In Demi's world, there are no strangers - only friends she hasn't met yet. She has a unique ability to put you at ease the moment she meets you and brings an energy entirely her own to whatever environment she encompasses. Combining her analytical right-brain with her creativity and infectious energy, Demi's approach elevates her clients’ imagery while her spirit enriches their day, freeing their inhibitions and allowing their soul to shine through. 

With a degree in pre-med and psychology, Demi ditched the expected and followed her heart. 11 years later? She's never looked back. When she's not creating, Demi is surrounding herself with the ones she loves most, planning her next vacation, laughing at her own jokes or reading her latest choice of romance novel.

most people don't know i:

was in the 2011 Macy's Day Thanksgiving Day Parade as a cheerleader!

drink of choice

Champagne or gin cocktail

something something:

Answer can go here!

Favorite Book

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Pump up song

Wobble by VIC (literally, forever)

demi mabry


about demI →

I stumbled into photography after taking a yearbook class in high school. As a former pre-med student that dabbled in photography as a side hustle, I began to experience the stark contrast between science and art. The freedom and creativity that came with a camera in my hand absolutely won over my heart and soul.

Weddings were a natural progression of my career, but I truly fell in love with wedding photography because I fall in love with people. I fall fast and hard for their stories. For their families and their friends. For the energy that’s created as the soundtrack for their wedding day.

Allowing my artistry to blend with my ability to truly connect with other people and their stories is what makes me who I am as a photographer: energetic and embracive with an editorial approach.


working with demi

Effortlessly blending into the festivities of a wedding weekend, Demi’s clients appreciate her desire to spend time engaging with them, their families and their friends. Her artistry thrives on her clients feeling comfortable enough to allow her to witness their most intimate interactions and points of connection. Demi's genuine interest in capturing the essence of her clients translates into a natural and relaxed atmosphere, allowing her to capture the most authentic and heartfelt moments. By infusing her work with warmth, passion and contagious energy, Demi’s clients are surprised and delighted by their imagery time after time.

"She is hands down the best person you can have supporting you during your life events. Her genuine love for what she does pours through her photos! Choosing her to be our wedding photographer was our easiest decision. Everyone in our wedding party would not stop talking about how amazing Demi was for weeks after our wedding was over. She is the most friendly, social, energetic person you will ever meet and it made everyone, even the stiff and awkward groomsmen, relax and have fun!

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