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Ready to make some magic? I'm here to be your new photography best friend. No, seriously. I don't want you to just have incredible photos that feel memorable and all encompassing to who you are as a person, I want you to have so much fun while doing it! You are absolutely extraordinary, and I think our time together should reflect that. It’s why clients say they feel like they've known me forever the moment we meet and why "fun" is the first word used to describe me in a sentence. 

To me, my job is more than capturing memorable moments that you’ll treasure forever. It’s providing a quality experience to my clients. One that makes you feel loved, cared for, and leaves you not only with amazing photos but saying, “she was everything we could’ve needed and more!”

I’m a wandering soul born in the south but raised in the north(ish). Most would say I'm the love child of Carrie Bradshaw and Reese Witherspoon! I've got a wild heart with a deep love for others. I'm an enthusiast always in the pursuit of amusement and I try to infuse joy and excitement into every scenario I'm in! I walk through life hand-in-hand with my husband, Chance. It's just us and the pup, #WinstontheSchnoodle, & I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wandering Soul & Whimsical Visionary 

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OH, how I love this man! Chance and I were best friends for 6 years, dated for 6 years, and have been married since 2018. Life is so much better with him in it and he is truly my best friend.

Winston the Schnoodle

My favorite little peanut! Winston is the pupper that runs our house! Half miniature schnauzer and half miniature poodle, he is the best dog I've ever met! He is the perfect partner to spend time with while I edit and work from home.

Charleston, SC

YES, every girl in America says they love Charleston… but this place has a piece of my heart. I packed up my life in 2 weeks and moved in with a girl I met on Craigslist because I love it THAT MUCH! This city holds some of my favorite memories and we love going back to visit, for work and pleasure!!

the Water

Growing up, I had a lake house where I spent many weekends with my family on the water, learning how to ski during the day and playing card games at night. If I'm ever MIA, you can pretty much guarantee I'm somewhere by the water!


I’m pretty much known for a great glass of champagne on a rooftop. It’s my go-to, and what better way to spend time with friends or get to know someone new?!


Traveling is one of the times when I feel most like myself. Despite being constantly on the go, traveling forces me to pause my thoughts and appreciate the beauty around me. A few of my favorite places are Tuscany, Edinburgh, Aruba, NYC, and anywhere in California!

the heart behind


In High School, I lied to my parents and told them I needed to get a DSLR for yearbook photography. (OOPS - sorry, mom and dad!) I picked out my camera, they bought it, I began taking photos, and then launched a love affair for the ages.

But if I’m totally honest, the moment I TRULY fell in love with photography was the moment my mom showed me a photo of herself, my uncle, and my grandmother. It was a film photograph of them in their kitchen. There was nothing extraordinary about it… except that it was indeed, extraordinary.

It was three people that I loved so dearly, captured on film that I can tangibly hold in my hand and feel their laughter and love pouring out of it. It captured the essence of who they were.

So now, I pick up my camera not only for you, but for generations to come. I solidify your memories so you can be present. Images that captivate you each time you set eyes on them. Timeless memories that showcase how extraordinary you are. Because you are, indeed, extraordinary.

It all started with a lie.

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