Y’all. These two. Let me just tell you, they are two of the most precious people to me and my guy. Joey moved in with my boyfriend, Chance, in his last year of grad school, so I got to know Joey really well while they all lived together! All I knew about his girlfriend was that she still lived in Florida and they were making long-distance work while she went to school at University of Florida (how cute are they already, right?). She came to visit Joey one weekend, we all went out to breakfast, and have been friends ever since! (We knew we were bound to be friends when we cried… I mean sobbed laughing over the same thing that no one else really though was funny).

It’s so awesome to have couple friends that you get along with so well, but these two feel like family. So when Joey called me to ask if Chance and I would come down to photograph their proposal in Georgia, it was a mini freak-out/absolutely/of course/PLEASE! It was so special to be there, but SO HARD to keep this secret! (P.S. – apologies from me, Amy, Beth, Tim, & Joey for everyone we had to lie to) 😉

Joey and Georgia met in the spring of 2010 while they were both running track for their high schools. Georgia had just started going to Joey’s church, too, so when they ended up at church camp together that summer, they immediately fell for each other. They started dating Georgia’s sophomore year of high school while Joey went away to college. It actually ended up not working out and they decided to call it quits and broke up that summer.

WELL – fast forward 4 years… a light bulb finally went on in Georgia’s head and she realized that Joey was the one for her. (For Joey, it had ALWAYS been Georgia). They started dating again the summer of 2015, and the rest is history my friends. They are a true testament of if it is meant to be, it will be.

Georgia and Joey, Chance and I are so excited for you two! We loved capturing the moments of this incredible day for you two and are SO excited to walk alongside of you guys for the years to come! We love you both!

Yonah Mountain Vineyards is absolutely STUNNING!

Chance and I were hiding in the bushes when they got there and had to SPRINT to get up there in time to capture him propose. If anything, we are adaptable 😉

Joey’s job was to make sure Georgia didn’t turn around because she would have seen us and known exactly what was about to happen… mission was accomplished 🙂

Both Joey and Georgia’s families were there to celebrate after with them. It was so special!

Geez… these two 🙂 I love them so much!! Georgia’s ring was custom made from the stone’s of her mom’s old wedding ring… so so special!


Georgia & Joey: Southern Vineyard Proposal in Cleveland, Georgia


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