Let me just preface this post by saying that I am totally 100% biased because these two are dear friends of mine… but they are the cutest and most beautiful people, am I right?!

I could probably write a book about how perfect they are for each other, describing every single detail of their relationship, but I’m going to save that for their wedding day post¬†(coming in OCTOBER!! Eeeek!!).

You’d never believe it by looking, but we got SO many incredible photos just in 45 minutes because we had a feeeeeew minor setbacks… ūüôā A little back story, Erin and I had been talking about locations for their shoot for a while, and I thought it would be great to get the Charlotte skyline in the back, so we decided on a parking garage that was high enough to see the skyline¬†that Erin said¬†was 2 seconds from the park Mark wanted the other half of the session to be at. Our plan was perfect!¬†As we are heading downtown, we go to park next to the parking deck, and Erin says, “wait… that’s not high enough is it?” as I look at a 3-story parking garage surrounded by 30-story buildings… LOL. After getting out of the car, we¬†decided it wasn’t, and we made an executive decision to just head straight to the park instead.

At this point, Mark had jumped into the driver’s seat of my car to get us where we needed to go quickly, because the park Mark wanted to take pictures in wasn’t actually 2 seconds away, so we were whipping through uptown (literally… I think Mark may have been a body double in a Fast and Furious movie). On the way to the park, all was well, until Erin looked at her hand and said, “oh my gosh, my ring… It’s gone!” Panic ensued, we pulled over, went through her purse and my trunk, and decided it had fallen off of her lap back in the parking lot by the garage. Mark whipped us back there in I swear 10 seconds flat, we got back to our parking spot, and Chance found her ring in the grass in front of where our car was. THANK THE LORD, CRISIS AVERTED!

After all of this, it made this engagement session even sweeter. Nothing is ever perfect and we laughed all of it off because we got some incredible shots of the two of them and in a really special spot. Every time Erin came to visit Mark in Charlotte from Lynchburg, they would go to Romare Bearden Park and sit on this one particular bench and talk late into the night. It’s really where they got to know each other best and started to fall in love.

Erin and Mark, Chance and I really just love you two and your friendship! I am literally counting down the days until your wedding in October!


Erin and Mark: Uptown Charlotte Engagement Session


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