Details, details, details. The elusive term that photographers use (and LOVE), but as clients, you have no idea why! I’m here to change all of that for you. As the photographer, it’s my job to keep you informed and EXCITED about even the little things on your wedding day!! Here are a few tips I put together to help you understand why photographing details is so important!

1). Details set the tone for the day. As photographers, we are creatives at heart. We operate best when we are actually able to use our creativity! Because of this, I photograph details as soon as I arrive at the venue on a wedding day. Per instructions, my brides have a details bag waiting for me with all of the items I suggest to have photographed (veil, shoes, invitation suite, rings, flowers, jewelry, dress, etc.). Because I get to start the wedding day by being creative with different arrangements and photographs, it allows me to get my head in the right place creatively to serve you BEST on your wedding day!

2). Details serve as beautiful reminders of even the little moments. Girlfriend, you spent a good chunk of time planning your wedding day! Remember how you spent time picking out those invitations and working with a calligrapher to make sure each guest felt extra special as they opened their invitation, or when  you went shopping with your mom and stumbled upon the PERFECT shoes for your day?! You put your heart and soul into this day, and each and every thing you put thought into deserves to be remembered!

3). Details help provide connection pieces for albums and blogs. One of the most exciting things you get to do with the images from your wedding day is SHARE them with friends and family! One of the things my brides anticipate most is their blog post with highlights of their wedding day the week after their wedding. The reason these blogs look and feel the way they do is because details provide a connecting element to the photos. Detail photos help the story flow in a logical way that is aesthetically pleasing! With more and more of my brides ordering luxury wedding albums, too, detail shots serve an extremely important role to help an album look and feel complete, the same way the blogs do!

4). Details help tell your story. Each and every couple is different and unique. Your story is special and deserves to be told in a way that is tailored to you and your day! For example, Jenna and Nick used succulents in the groomsmen boutonnieres to commemorate Jenna’s time in Arizona. Blair included a napkin from her grandmother’s wedding to be photographed with her jewelry since she wore her grandmothers necklace that both her grandmother and mother wore on their wedding day. How SPECIAL are those memories going to be later on, looking back through their wedding photos?

5). They’re like, really pretty. Tell me your heart doesn’t just skip a beat over an incredible ring shot, the kind that makes you say, “WOAH, that’s MY ring?!” How about that GORGEOUS bouquet that you worked so hard with your florist on?! If it doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, chances are you just haven’t experienced it yet 😉

I hope you have a better understanding of why details are so important, why photographers adore them, and why you should too! I can’t wait to deliver YOU your own special set of detail shots 😉 xo

The Importance of Details

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