Bridal portraits are some of my all-time favorite sessions with my clients! SO, along with these beautiful portraits of sweet Katie (that I can now share because she’s a MARRIED woman, y’all!), here are my top 3 reasons you should have bridal portraits taken:

1). It gives you additional time to spend with your photographer. I’m SUCH an advocate for this because during the bridal portrait session, I really get to talk with my brides one on one. I get to know them more and develop deeper friendships with them! I promise you, you’ll always want a friend on the other side of the camera, not a stranger.

2). It gives you a chance to take in the entire look (dress, hair, make-up, bouquet, shoes, etc.) before the big day. I cannot tell you how many brides have changed some form of their look, whether it be their hair style, dress alterations, shoes, or style of make-up because of a bridal portrait session. It gives you a chance to see your entire look come together on camera before the big day!

3). It’s a moment of excitement and joy in the midst of RSVP’s and appointments. I remember my own bridal portraits. It’s literally a day where you get to get your hair and make-up done, get in front of the camera, and if you’re up for it, head out on a date afterwards with your fiancĂ©. That’s what I did, at least! You don’t have to think about anything but yourself and it’s a much needed self-care day in the midst of what can be a stressful season of planning!

I hope you enjoy these sweet bridals of Katie! Isn’t she stunning?! I loved her session at Sorella Farms.

Sorella Farms Bridal Session || Top 3 Reasons for Bridal Portraits

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