Making the Investment in Yourself

We are a busy society. Literally, “busy” is the new buzz word everyone likes to use when replying to, “how are you?” We are all busy, but half the time we make ourselves look and seem 10 times busier than we actually are. Because of that, self-care is the first thing that goes out of the window, not only for entrepreneur’s like myself, but for virtually every other career.

My two FAVORITE ways to invest in myself are traveling and education, so when the Caroline Logan Workshop was an opportunity for both, I was so BEYOND stoked.

Rewind to a few months ago, when I finally decided to whole-heartedly pursue my photography business and find myself in the midst of it all, my friend Kelsey helped me realize a mentoring session, or possibly a workshop, was next on my business investment list. I was so sad when I remembered that all of my favorite photographers already held or had booked full their workshops for the year. But I knew there was one in particular that I’d love to sit down and do a mentoring session with: Caroline Logan.

I e-mailed her to get her pricing for a session, and I literally squealed when I read in her response that someone had dropped out of the workshop last minute… and there was one spot left! Pretty much fate if you ask me 😉

I didn’t even think twice and confirmed my registration as soon as I read her e-mail. And gosh, I am SO glad that I did.

That weekend, I laughed, explored, loved, traveled, enjoyed my passions, and made so many new precious friends. If you’re a photographer looking to invest in yourself and your business, you need to go to the Caroline Logan Workshop! She has another one open in October, so go, go, go!

FIRST exciting piece of the trip was meeting my new best friend (no, but seriously) Lynn Eisenman. We had a private Facebook group for the workshop and she had posted that she was coming from High Point, NC (10 minutes from my hometown!!!) and was looking for a travel buddy. I hate traveling alone and was really dreading the trip to PA by myself, so I jumped at the chance to road trip with her (even though we had never met… #totalextrovert). Lynn and I hit it off immediately and were best friends by the time we got to Lancaster. I’m so excited because we are going to be collaborating on a LOT of weddings this year, so stay tuned 🙂

My Airbnb was literally a 2 minute walk from Caroline’s home in Downtown Lancaster, so if you sign up for one in the future, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the link! It was perfect!

After we arrived, Lynn and I went to grab dinner and headed over to the “Meet and Greet” at Caroline’s house! Almost all of the workshop attendees were there and it gave us a chance to get to know each other a little better before our full day at the workshop! We played Catch Phrase and I learned lots of new things, like the fact that bull’s are male cows (yeah, was totally mind blown).

We all had major heart eyes for Caroline’s house (go to Instagram and search #makingmulberryhome … YOU’LL DIE). As soon as I saw this framed in Caroline’s house, I knew I was where I was supposed to be.

FIRST STOP, and most important stop for workshop day, was Prince St. Cafe! Lynn picked me up at my place around 7:00 to ENSURE we had plenty of time… LOL, wrong. But it was totally my fault. We parked in the parking garage beside the coffee shop (literally, right beside it), I pulled up the maps to find the coffee shop and made us walk almost a mile in the wrong direction before I realized it was the other way!! PSA – never give me the map or directions… ever, ever, ever.

We made it RIGHT on time and look at this precious name tag display that greeted us!!

Headshots were up first on the agenda!! Check out that ballin’ use of environmental objects as a reflector (thanks Elly) !

(Macy and I laughing about how awk we are as photographers are in front of the camera).

After a full morning of learning, we headed to Hingework for our styled shoot… CANNOT WAIT to share that with you guys!! Our models were out of this world GORGEOUS and the vendor team did an incredible job!!

A little snap story action from Caroline’s best behind the scenes agent, Vanessa Shenk.

SNEAK PEEK!!! Isn’t that seriously so dreamy?!

These girls were SERIOUSLY such a joy 🙂 On the night of the Meet and Greet, I said that it was no coincidence we were all here at this workshop together, and after going through it and maintaining relationships with these ladies, I mean it 10x more.

The day after the workshop, our hearts were sad to leave but full of new friendships and all that we learned from Caroline. Hannah, Renée, Lynn, and myself all headed to the Lancaster Market and it was no disappointment! We enjoyed local coffee, baked goods, and I even made away with some home made dog treats for Winston!! We also found Vanessa’s dad working at Shenk Poultry… I literally said, “Hey can I ask you a question? Is Vanessa your daughter?” LOL awkward and extroverted, but hey it worked out because we got this awesome photo op with papa Shenk.

Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe this experience. I love being able to travel, make new friends, and invest in myself… ALL at the same time! Amy & Jordan, two of my favorite photography educators, once said that “leaders are readers” and you should never stop learning… I’ve made that my mission this year in my business and I’m so thankful for the growth it’s already yielded.

My challenge to you is this: invest in yourself this summer. Even if it’s something as small as taking 30 minutes each morning to read a book, spend time with the Lord, or drinking coffee while you watch the sunrise… DO IT. Make it your goal. If it’s something big, what are you waiting for? If it’s money that’s stopping you, sit down and calculate how you can re-arrange your finances to take the vacation, go to the workshop, or attend the conference. I speak from experience that it’s POSSIBLE and that you’d be surprised how much your Starbucks adds up 😉 The return on your investment, no matter how big or how small, is ten fold, you guys. You only get one life to live and you will only be in this moment once. Choose wisely how you spend your time. You are the only you we’ve got.

xo, Demi

Headshot: Caroline Logan Photography // Workshop Behind the Scenes: Preston Groff Photography

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