Best of 2019 || Weddings, Brands, + Portraits

WOW – 2019, what a year you were. As we have 1 day left in this DECADE, I can’t help but look back over the past few years of Demi Mabry Photography and be so proud of all it it has accomplished. I have re-established my business in new cities twice in the past 3 years (Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC), taken on new clients, expanded to new avenues of photography (interiors and branding being my favorite new additions!), and added a new medium (film) to my client experience. As I scroll through these highlights of 2019, I can’t help but smile so big. Joy radiates through every single one of these images and that is the best gift I can ever give back. Joy.

Besides the adventure this past year has been, the best part has been the people I’ve been able to meet. As an enneagram seven and total extrovert, being with and celebrating with people is one of my favorite parts of this career. I know that everyone says how much they adore their clients, and as cliché as it is, it’s absolutely true. I’ve been photographing for almost 10 years now and at this point, my clients are my people. They get me and I get them. I’ve found my niche of people that trust me as a business owner but equally as a friend – and it is AWESOME.

Without further ado, the best of 2019 is HERE! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photographs from this year. You’ll see personal, travel, weddings, couples, families, newborns, brands, bloggers – all on film or digital.

To my 2019 clients – I adore you guys. Thank you for letting me capture your life, but also allowing me to do life with you. I consider you all friends and I’m blessed to know you. Happy New Year!!



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