One Year of Winston

January 18! Today is for my little bug! #WinstonTheSchnoodle is officially 1 year old! WHAT?!

DISCLAIMER: if you are not a dog person, the following post probably will not make sense to you AT ALL, because who in their right mind could write an entire post about their dog and how much they love them?! But all my dog moms out there.. You get me! 😉

I still remember the day I picked up Win! I had been searching for Schnoodles specifically for about a month. I had found a breeder in Raleigh, NC that was perfect. I was about to put down a deposit for a puppy in a fall litter when I stumbled across Winston (then titled Sir Richard LOL) on PuppyFind. He was only right up the road from me at the time in Appomattox, VA! I couldn’t believe it! He was PERFECT! As soon as I walked into the breeder, without ever meeting him, Winston rushed up to me like he knew I was there for him!

This past year, this little guy has brought me more joy than I even thought was possible! He makes sure that I laugh every single day and give me endless cuddles. Here are a few highlights of Winston’s very first year!!!

  • He’s lived in 3 different states and 3 different homes and made all of the transitions so easily! So far, Charleston and the lake are his favorite places.
  • He loves the beach, the sand, and the ocean! He’s only seen snow twice, but I think he likes it!
  • He’s mastered road trips of all kinds by sleeping through the entire thing.
  • He loves boat rides at the lake and is still figuring out if he likes the whole swimming thing. BUT – he will jump off the boat to get to us in the water, so he must kind of like it!
  • He ADORES people (straight from the mouths of his doggy daycare workers: “Winston does GREAT with the other dogs, but it’s very apparent he loves people more than dogs”) 🙂
  • He can always be found in someone’s lap (or ripping up toilet paper from the bathroom trash can if we are being honest).
  • Back and belly rubs are his JAM!
  • His best friends are Charlie the Golden Boy (Charleston), Minnie, and Ted (Lynchburg)!
  • He destroys plush toys quicker than I can keep buying them (yes, the tiny 10 pound dog).
  • Popcorn is his FAVORITE human food (but we rarely give him any).
  • He doesn’t quite understand come yet, but he can sit, lay, jump, spin around, and give high fives!
  • He’s petrified of fireworks… and the FedEx guy.
  • He has SERIOUS FOMO. Cannot be where the people are not.

It’s been such a fun year with this little peanut! Enjoy a bunch of photos (mixed with iPhone snaps) we’ve taken of him this year! You’ll obviously never read this, but mom and dad love you, bugs! #dogmomsohard

(P.S. – just to make this a little more extra than it already is, you can follow along with more cuteness and adventures on Instagram @winston_the_schnoodle) 🙂

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